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Editions Studio Art®

Our mission

Enrich the world with breathtaking artworks that are both exceptional in quality and affordable in price. Our creations draw inspiration from the influential artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, resulting in stunning pieces that captivate the senses

Balloon Dog

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Balloon Rabbit

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Our Vision

At Editions Studio Art, we are driven by a singular vision: to bring the beauty and power of modern art within reach of all who treasure it

Welcome to the captivating world of Editions Studio Art! We are passionate about creating breathtaking yet affordable artworks, available exclusively in limited editions. Our inspiration stems from some of the world’s most iconic artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Originating from France, Editions Studio has emerged as a renowned brand in the art industry. Our commitment to delivering superior quality artworks has earned us immense popularity among art lovers and connoisseurs. The establishment of our website, editionsstudioart.com, has been instrumental in connecting us with our valued clients.

Our most renowned series, Balloon Dog and Balloon Rabbit (after), have been featured in some of the most prestigious galleries and auction houses across the globe, from Europe to North America, South America, Asia, and beyond.

Collaborating with top-notch producers and upholding uncompromising quality standards is our top priority. Our commitment to innovation means we will continue to create new, exciting, and exclusive editions in the future.

Our limited editions are available for purchase by contacting us through our website’s contact form. As a business-to-business (B2B) seller, we only distribute our artworks to professional resellers. We will gladly recommend a suitable reseller to consumers from our trusted network.

Thank you for your interest in Editions Studio Art, and we look forward to helping you discover your next cherished masterpiece.

Be aware


Over the years, we have unfortunately observed a growing number of copies of our artworks being circulated in the market.

As a result, we have been constantly working to improve our security measures and safeguard our authentic pieces.

We are proud to introduce our new Certificate of Authenticity (COA), which features a state-of-the-art QR code and password protection system.

This latest innovation serves as an additional layer of protection for our artworks, allowing you to verify the authenticity with ease and confidence.

Please note that we ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands to our clients. Most copies being circulated in the market are being shipped from China but we have also seen other cases, so please use caution when looking to purchase our Éditions Studio® artworks.

We love our Limited Editions!

At the heart of our passion lies a deep appreciation for the extraordinary. With unwavering dedication, we curate and create limited editions that embody our love for exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring every piece is a true treasure to be cherished by discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Shipping from Mainland Europe

Enjoy swift and seamless delivery from our strategically located distribution center in the Netherlands, ensuring efficient shipping and reduced transit times.

Top-tier Quality

Experience unparalleled excellence with our meticulously crafted products that set the standard for uncompromising quality and exceptional art.

Certificate of Authenticity

Ensure the genuineness of your product with our trusted Certificate of Authenticity, providing irrefutable proof of its origin with our password protected environment.

7 Years on the market

Trust the official creator & distributor of Editions Studio Artworks. Delivering our famous Balloon dogs and all its companions for over seven years, providing unmatched quality and reliability.

Registered Trademarks

Our registered trademarks serve as the guardians of our artistic legacy and secure the authenticity of your artwork. They not only protect our unique artworks but also signify the love and passion we bring to every piece.

Limited Editions

Embrace the allure of exclusivity with our immensely popular limited-edition artworks, available in a strictly limited quantity. Indulge in a truly unique experience, as each piece embodies exceptional craftsmanship and represents a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind item.